Welcome to Rare Earth Mineral Sands Inc. (REMSI)

This is an exciting time for all of us involved with Rare Earth Mineral Sands Inc. (REMSI) We have secured a world-class resource. We have a dedicated team. We see clearly the future which includes jobs for Nova Scotians in the recovery and development of our mineral sands resource. The year 2011 was an important year for REMSI.

REMSI is at once a new company and a mature company. Almost $10 million has been spent on developing our project. Some of our key employees/partners have spent years working on this project.

As a result of our drilling program the company should determine early in 2012 the extent and quality of our mineral sands deposits in Cobequid Bay and the Shubenacadie River. The monazite deposits, containing LREEs have become the primary focus of our recovery plans. However, market developments forecasting shortages of titanium and zircon ensure these byproducts of our primary business, will add substantially to the project's potential return. These market developments have already resulted in substantial price increases in the marketplace for titanium and zircon.

We have finally started the environmental assessment process which should lead to actual mineral sands recovery and revenues in 2012-2013. We expect the coming year to be full of challenges and opportunities. If you have an interest in working with REMSI to advance the program please contact us.