The mineral sands development in Nova Scotia has several advantages over traditional mining operations. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  1. There is no overburden to be removed, nor is there reclamation upon completion of the project;
  2. The project is conducted solely on crown land;
  3. The mineral sands recovery results in approximately 90 per cent of the materials removed to be immediately returned to the river;
  4. The world's highest tides already create a maximum sediment condition in the river twice a day;
  5. The footprint of the operation is insignificant in terms of the total area of the river;
  6. Access to world markets. One of the world's largest, ice-free ports is less than 45 minutes away.

Committed to Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the use of a natural resource in a way that does not deplete them or degrade them for use by future generations. There are a number of steps that REMSI can take in order to ensure that its operations are sustainable and to facilitate interaction between itself and stakeholders.

The Shubenacadie River and Cobequid Bay are home to fish, birds and other forms of life. Stakeholders, like fishermen and tourism operators have an economic stake in the area. The recovery of titanium and zirconium laden mineral sands in the Shubenacadie River does not produce toxic chemicals.

The massive volume of material mined leads to habitat disruption at many mines. In the case of this project, only sandbars in the river and bay will be dredged. These sandbars have no vegetation. Tides, which peak in the river twice daily, cause the sandbars to shift. The magnitude of this natural movement is similar to what the effects of dredges would be. Dredges often create a plume of sediment in the water, which causes environmental concerns. The water in the river is already visibly filled with sediment, and life in the area has adapted to these conditions.

Heavy minerals typically only make up a small percentage of the total sand volume, the sand can be returned to the environment in its original shape. No plants will be disturbed.

Mining Association of Canada Performance Indicators

REMSI is aware of these industry standards and best practices and intends to fully comply applicable industry standards. As the partners of REMSI are local residents we are dedicated to ensuring sustainable and responsible development of the resource.

Rare Earth Elements

The recent discovery of Rare Earth Elements in the river mineral sands creates huge potential opportunities for Nova Scotia. The world has recently entered a crisis situation with respect to these elements which are vital to the production of such environmentally positive products like hybrid cars, windmills, computers and medical uses.

The world is scrambling to replace REE production from China which has announced it was cutting back on exports. The difficulty is that REE, for the most part, are found in hard rock mines which take many years and billions of dollars to get into production. The REMSI mineral sand deposits can be shipping quantities of REE within months of receiving environmental approval. This could result in significant competitive advantages for Nova Scotia and much-needed employment in rural Nova Scotia